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The W.I.S.E.
Way to
do DEI



Achieve Business goals with a culture of

Wellness, inter-connectedness,
Safety, & Empowerment


An Act of Changing form
to move beyond where we are so we can become who we desire to be

RRI Consulting helps companies and organizations live up to their highest values and make meaningful, authentic transformation using the Working W.I.S.E.™ framework:

  • Wellness: tend to the mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being of our people, relationships, culture, and systems

  • Interconnectedness: foster empathetic, supportive, and culturally conscious organizations that create abundance across our invisible lines

  • Safety: create the conditions for courageous disruption of ingrained patterns that persist within our institutional subconscious so we consciously manifest healthy relationships, culture, and systems.

  • Empowerment: equip people with the tools and confidence to stand in their power to decisively take the actions need to change in the ways that will lead to greater abundance and success


Our keynotes, trainings, and team culture building sessions are designed to foster an environment of safety and acceptance. We address the inherent shame, blame, defensiveness, anger, and sadness that come up in conversations about growing and changing, and specialize in addressing the elephants in the room when it comes to race and equity in America. We create space where there are no villains, only opportunities for growth. We aim to deepen emotional intelligence and create businesses that thrive in an ever-evolving world.

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Key notes & Training

inspire change in your workplace


TEAM Coaching &  retreats

Strengthen relationships, build culture


"there is no going back, no putting this work on hold.  You can’t go through what we’ve all been through in the learning journey with RRI and turn this off."

Frank Daidone, CEO at Nurse-Family Partnership

Our consulting Partners:

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meet the team

RRI Consulting supports organizations in their racial equity journey, meeting them where they are and moving towards transforming systems and outcomes. We work with government agencies, nonprofits corporations, foundations, universities, and other institutions to assess their current systems, and shepherd them through a learning journey to understand how individual and systemic racism shows up in the workplace and in industry more broadly. We work collaboratively with our clients to create equity goals and and implementation plans that best serve their employees and customers.

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