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Transform Your Culture 
ON Purpose


Solutions to Create a Culture of Purpose, Belonging, and Wellness from the inside-Out


An Act of Changing Form to move beyond where we are so we can become who we desire to be

RRI Consulting leads companies towards a purpose-centric culture, moving beyond outdated corporate practices in culture building, rendition, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs. We create workplaces where people are connected to purpose, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence in order to achieve your business imperatives.

Core Elements of Our Inside-Out Approach:

  • Know Thy Self: We engage individuals across the organization to enhance emotional intelligence and create behavioral change without blame, changing subconscious patterns and behaviors to create greater empathy, belonging, and leveling up to achieve business success

  • Flow with Purpose: We guide individuals and teams inside organizations to identify and infuse their core purpose into their strategies, approaches, and day-to-day work, so we can create dynamic, purpose-driven organizations

  • Grow in Relationships: We specialize in transforming workplace relationships and culture across different identities and backgrounds, ensuring greater cultural literacy where everyone feels valued for who they are

  • Create as One: We specialize in evolving corporate cultures and strategies and building a sense of Ubuntu (I am because we are), where we break down silos and each team is driving towards the same purpose and goals

We are dedicated to guiding companies and organizations towards not just success, but a purposeful existence. Our services  are aligned with these principles, seamlessly integrating DEI into organizational fabric in ways that enhance the bottom-line. We create environments where purposeful action fosters sustainable growth and collective fulfillment.

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Transform Your Culture with Purpose


Inspire Change in your Workplace


Strengthen relationships, build culture


"there is no going back, no putting this work on hold.  You can’t go through what we’ve all been through in the learning journey with RRI and turn this off."

Frank Daidone, CEO at Nurse-Family Partnership

Our consulting Partners:

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meet the team

RRI Consulting supports organizations in their journey to build cultures of belonging, purpose, and wellness. We meet them where they are, with a no shame, no blame philosophy, and support their desires to transform systems and business-critical outcomes. We work with government agencies, nonprofits corporations, foundations, universities, and other institutions to assess their current systems, co-create strategic plans, and curate organization-wide learning journeys so everyone is aligned on how to create systemic change in the workplace and in industry more broadly. We work collaboratively with our clients to create equity goals and and implementation plans that best serve their employees and customers.

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