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who we are

RRI Consulting empowers organizations towards a purpose-centric culture, while also engineering innovative, dynamic pathways to achieving business imperatives, including diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. We engage with clients at their current stage, guiding them towards transformative growth. We evaluate existing practices and lead a discovery path, showing how purpose and mindfulness can reshape workplaces. In partnership with our clients, we develop purpose-driven strategies that enhance work culture, employee empowerment, and comprehensive profitability.

We steer organizations to go beyond the outdated culture change and DEI initiatives. We help Weave an ethos of purpose, belonging, and wellness authentically into organizational fabric.

Our approach:
Pathway to Purpose


Our approach is anchored in creating spaces for authentic dialogue, guiding leaders and teams towards a deep commitment to evolving their organizational culture. We are dedicated to supporting them throughout their journey of purposeful transformation. Recognizing that a collective buy-in is key, we foster collective dedication to change. Our training, coaching, and consultation services are crafted to encourage actions that lead to sustainable growth, improved employee well-being, and profitability.

Our 'Pathway to Purpose' strategy is designed to revolutionize not just your organization's operations but its core ethos as well. We aim to steer your organization towards excellence in the competitive market, ensuring it aligns profoundly with its values, nurtures its employees, and positively impacts the community it serves.


Know Thy Self 

We engage individuals across the organization to enhance emotional intelligence and create behavioral change without blame, changing subconscious patterns and behaviors to create greater empathy, belonging, and leveling up to achieve business success


Flow with Purpose

We guide individuals and teams inside organizations to identify and infuse their core purpose into their strategies, approaches, and day-to-day work, so we can create dynamic, purpose-driven organizations. 


Create as One

We specialize in evolving corporate cultures and strategies and building a sense of Ubuntu (I am because we are), where we break down silos and each team is driving towards the same purpose and goals. This method ensures that changes are authentic and lasting, contributing to a more efficient, profitable, and harmonious organization.


Grow in Relationships

We specialize in transforming workplace relationships and culture across different identities and backgrounds, ensuring greater cultural literacy where everyone feels valued for who they are. Enhancing emotional intelligence across teams, we thus enable them to effectively navigate workplace challenges. By fostering a culture where every individual feels valued and understood, we enhance team cohesion and drive innovation. 

Pathway to Purpos
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Our team

RRI offers a team of consultants and facilitators with deep subject matter expertise in nonprofit management, organizational culture, and equity and social justice.


Hasira “Soul” Ashemu

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer


Hasira "Soul" Ashemu was born and raised in Denver, CO, attended Howard University “The Mecca” and later traveled the world spending a decade living and working in Ghana raising his family. Soul is a thought-leader, prolific author and speaker on the science of success and wellness, and he is on a mission to reconnect people with that ancestral knowledge so they can operate on PURPOSE. He founded RRI Consulting to answer the call from organizations, companies, and government agencies seeking guidance and support for how to deepen their approach to DEI in ways that would lead to meaningful business and impact outcomes. Hasira leads a team of talented, equity-minded facilitators and consultants, and provides 1-on-1 and team Executive coaching to leaders seeking to adopt a more strategic and authentic approach to DEI. In particular, he has worked with leaders in communities across the US, Africa, and the Caribbean to create and support institutional and community mental and physical wellness initiatives that usher in positive, authentic and lasting change.


Allison Brown

Chief of Transformation

Allison is the Chief of Transformation with RRI consulting, and works closely with consulting clients to design and implement customized services to meet their DEI strategy and facilitation needs. Allison has over 15 years of experience working as a strategy consultant, primarily supporting Social Justice movement building, education justice, and health equity organizations. 
She brings a range of experience with strategic planning, launching new programs, organizational development, board management, fundraising, and strategic communications, all with a deep equity lens. She manages the day-to-day support to RRI's major consulting partners, and is a leader and co-facilitator for RRI's flagship training programs, Truth to Transformation and Sankofa Shadow Werk Training. 
As a co-owner and founder of RRI Consulting, she also supports organizational strategic visioning, community-based partnerships and programming, and development of various products and services to fulfill the mission of RRI.

Sarah Rimmel



Sarah Rimmel (she | they) is the founder of Slow Integration Coaching and is committed to cultivating ease and advocating for self and others. Sarah coaches’ diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practitioners and organizations committed to shifting culture and implementing DEI strategy. 

In addition to being a certified ICF Coach, Somatic Coach, and facilitator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), Sarah holds a MS in Business Management and a BS in Community Health. Sarah’s background includes over 15 years in higher education and nonprofits leading individuals and teams through change management, social justice, and advocacy efforts. 

Sarah is a daughter, dreamer, and biracial queer woman living and working in Colorado on Ute, Cheyenne, and Arapaho traditional, ancestral, and stolen lands. She has served on the board for Boulder Valley Women’s Health, the Women & Girls of Color Fund Advisory Council for Women’s Foundation, and as a fellow with New Leaders Council. Read more about her philosophy on the context of trauma, health equity, and oppression.

Sena Harjo



Sena Harjo is a member of the Seminole, Choctaw and Creek tribes of Oklahoma. She has spent her life invested in her tribal community in Colorado, back home in Oklahoma, and all over the US.  

As a graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts, Haskell Indian Nations University, and the University of Denver, Harjo is pursuing a doctorate in Educational Research and Human Development with a concentration in Urban Ecologies from the University of Colorado Denver. She has spent the past 20+ years supporting and encouraging minority students and their families in educational systems that were not built for positive outcomes for non-dominant communities.  Working with the full range of birth through higher education, Harjo is committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work, culturally resilient pedagogy, early childhood education, and system access. 



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Amanda has been facilitating groups for over 10 years in subjects of DEI, JEDI, and IDEA as well as youth and adult leadership, nutrition. Amanda has adopted agile methodologies through work, trainings, and Scrum methodology to facilitate groups.  While guiding complex projects and plans using empiricism and lean thinking strategy, Amanda encourages the individuals a part of projects/organizations to enter as authentic whole humans with unbelievable potential to be successful. She facilitates self managing teams towards productivity while building rapport through transformational communication, and optimizing
time and resources. 


Amanda is also an Artist using the medium of clay, a mom to a 6 year old named Rae, an ever growing and learning entrepreneur.

Jasmine Elizabeth



Jasmine is an experienced JEDI facilitator that is part of the Truth to Transformation facilitation team. She consistently receives positive feedback around her ability to connect with people across race and class, and authentically engages and supports the growth of participants wherever they are in their journey with JEDI work. 

Teniqua Pope



Teniqua is a Life Coach, Writer and Facilitator and specializes in coach Black women on their paths to spiritual and emotional freedom. She is trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and combines behavioral science and Geechee-inspired storytelling to upgrade your inner dialogue, break the strongholds of intergenerational trauma and positively influence the trajectory of your life and legacy. Though Teniqua’s approach as a facilitator, you will be emboldened, inspired and equipped to rewrite your narrative and align with your soul's desires.

maddison abboud

Program Manager


Maddison Abboud is a program manager on the RRI Consulting team who is responsible for building client partnerships and programs. Maddison strives to create economic opportunity and drive social impact through her work. 
Maddison is the founder of Sora Strategies, working with organizations to capture new market opportunities in the U.S. and abroad. She supports clients with a variety of projects including project management, market research, stakeholder mapping, partnership development, and strategic plan formation.Maddison’s experience ranges from issues like global development, to healthcare and education. 

Maddison previously worked at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce where she led advocacy and policy initiatives focused on promoting economic development through private sector investment. She worked closely with U.S. Chamber member companies, business coalitions, and government leaders to promote stronger trade and investment globally.

Our consulting Partners:

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