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Truth to Transformation

Employee Wellness & learning prograM

When people bring their full selves to work, they also bring their full energy, their full perspectives, and their full power.  Creating more inclusive, culturally conscious organizations increases employee engagement and productivity which positively impacts productivity, revenue and impact.  

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Truth to Transformation Learning Journey

Expanding beyond cultural borders opens up a wealth of opportunities– from the innovative to new customers, cultivating a diverse workforce is crucial to success. As organizations are able to diversify their workforce and leadership, there is a greater need for contextual and cultural understanding between colleagues, partners and clients. 

The racial and cultural consciousness training solutions offered by RRI Consulting, allows organizations to understand and leverage differences to maximize employee success and  make businesses attractive to a wide range of talent and clients.

Our signature Truth to Transformation Learning Journey is a customizable course pack composed of pre-recorded, asynchronous podcasts coupled with live, small group facilitated sessions.

a multi-faceted approach to learning

The Truth to Transformation learning Journey includes facilitated sessions which complement the lessons from a monthly podcast.


Facilitators are guides that help participants unpack the learnings of the podcast, open up about personal experiences related to the content, ask questions on topics they do not understand, and better communicate with one another. Meet our Facilitators.



what you'll learn:

After completing the Truth to Transformation program, employees will have mastered the following concepts:

  • Discover your own tendencies and common patterns of acting and reacting that different kinds of people

  • Create a Reflective Practice to enhance emotional intelligence 

  • Understand historical dynamics of racism, and process guilt and shame

  • Develop strategies for eliminating unconscious bias and micro inequities

  • Build an inclusive workplace and an environment that values and leverages differences

  • Develop Cultural Consciousness and effective cross-cultural communications

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