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Pathway to Purpose

Employee Wellness & learning prograM

When people bring their full selves to work, they also bring their full energy, their full perspectives, and their full Potential.  Creating more inclusive, culturally conscious organizations increases employee engagement and productivity which positively impacts productivity, revenue and impact.  

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Pathway to Purpose
Learning Journey

Embracing a purpose-centric approach is key to fostering a dynamic and inclusive workplace. As organizations shift towards a more purpose-driven model, understanding and integrating this ethos becomes vital for team cohesion and overall success.

Moving beyond traditional diversity, inclusion programs, and outdated corporate practices, this learning series equips organizations with the tools to embed a deep sense of purpose and mindfulness into their culture. This transformative learning experience combines engaging, pre-recorded content with interactive, live sessions facilitated by our expert team.


This program blends asynchronous learning with real-time, small group discussions. This approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of how purpose, empathy, and emotional intelligence can revolutionize workplace dynamics, enhancing employee engagement and driving business success.

a multi-faceted approach to learning

The Pathway to Purpose Learning Series includes facilitated sessions which complement the lessons from a monthly content stream.


Facilitators are guides that help participants unpack the learnings of the podcast, open up about personal experiences related to the content, ask questions on topics they do not understand, and better communicate with one another. Meet our Facilitators.



what you'll learn:

After completing the Pathway to Purpose Learning Series, employees will have mastered the following concepts:

  • Align with core purpose to influence behaviors and decision-making.

  • Develop a Mindfulness Practice for enhanced emotional intelligence.

  • Understand purpose's role in shaping cultural narratives.

  • Foster authentic behavioral change focused on purpose-driven actions.

  • Create a purpose-centric, inclusive workplace environment.

  • Improve Cultural Literacy for effective cross-cultural collaboration.

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