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Purpose Driven
Strategy & Organizational Development


Conduct focus groups and quantitative data to understand strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots to achieving the next level of success. Includes audit of HR, branding & messaging, programmatic components, and other core systems and operations to identify how you can better reach target audiences in culturally resonate ways.

Conflict Management & Mediation

Facilitating small and large group conversations to shift energy around major conflicts that get in the way of leveling up. Transforming conflicts into progress, we tackle the root causes of disputes, fostering open communication and understanding to not only resolve current issues but also to empower your team with the skills for proactive conflict resolution in the future. 

Executive Level Coaching

Transforming leadership styles in ways that model commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural consciousness including tailored guidance on communications, organizational structures, crisis management, and HR policies and procedures.

Pathway to Purpose learning series

Staff diversity, equity, inclusion, and cultural consciousness training program designed to rebuild organizational culture to embrace empathy, equity, and connection across race and class.

Strategic Planning to Enhance Business Success

Facilitating strategic planning to set bold goals and strategies that enable the business to adapt to changing culture and market dynamics with a culturally conscious, DEI lens.

Executive &

Staff Retreats

Healing retreats for leaders and staff to
create engaging, transformative spaces to align around what we most desire and process what is getting in the way of achieving that as a team. RRI Consulting will introduce afro-indigenous healing practices for stress relief, self care, mindfulness, and relaxation, as well as training for managing the complex energy and interpersonal dynamics that arise. 

complementary CONSULTATION

Complimentary Cosultation

Click below to reach out for a free consultation to discuss your organization's needs and receive a customized proposal for partnership. 

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