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3-pack sample series

heal the healers

Exclusive Early access for NFP Symposium attendees

sample our signature Truth To transformation framework for acknowledging, healing from, and transforming organizations and industries to be grounded in racial equity and inclusion.  

racism and public health

The health inequities that we see in America today are directly related to racism, discrimination, exclusion, and historical trauma that Black, Indigenous people of color have experienced over the centuries and still to this day. 

There has been a great reckoning in this country, and practitioners including nurses and healthcare providers have increasingly been seeking guidance to understand how they can each be part of the solution. 



RRI Consulting is working with Nurse Family Partnership and Child First on integrating anti-racism and cultural competence into the trainings, resources and supports that all nurses receive. 

While work is underway to develop and roll-out these new tools, RRI wanted to provide the nurses that took part in the NFP symposium the opportunity for early access to a few modules that we believe can be immediately of service to you in starting or continuing your journey of deeper understanding and reflection on yourself, your community, the individuals you serve, and the industry you are working inside of. 


Re:connect 2021

If you missed RRI's Hasira Ashemu's keynote speech on Breaking Our Bias in Birthing and Reproductive Care, watch it here:


Listen to the 3-pack sample series

This 3-part preview pulls components from our larger Truth to Transformation framework for acknowledging, healing from and transforming organizations and industries to be grounded in racial equity and inclusion. This preview covers the following topics:

Episode 1: If you’ve come here to help me, you are wasting your time… 

RRI - NFP Podcast - Ep 1
00:00 / 48:11

Workbook reflection questions

  1. Why do you do this work? 

  2. In what ways are you motivated by “saving someone”? 

  3. How can you reframe that in your own mind to focus on how you are liberating yourself?  

Episode 2: Building a Reflective Practice

RRI NFP Ep 2_2
00:00 / 28:58

Workbook reflection questions

  1. What reflective practices do you want to work on in the next 30 days?

  2. What steps will you take to create accountability  with reflective practice?

  3. What do you hope to gain from this?

Episode 3: The Call-in

00:00 / 15:40

Workbook reflection questions

  1. What is a time you have been called out? How do you think things might have gone differently if instead you were called in?

  2. How could you use the call-in to build deeper relationships and understanding with your family, colleagues, or friends?

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