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full-service racial equity services


Our flagship racial equity learning journey is a training model for addressing implicit bias and transforming systems for racial diversity, equity, and inclusion. We help team teams examine their biases and participation in racist systems, improve their organization's practices by modeling equity work, and assist in the creation of a culture of inclusivity and anti-oppression within their organization

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Truth to Transformation:

a 6 week program to Create Open, Authentic, and Actionable Dialogue on Race.

complementary offerings

RRI supports organizations in their racial equity journey, meeting them where they are at and moving towards transforming systems and outcomes. We typically start engagements with our truth to transformation learning journey training. Once an organization's staff and leadership have aligned on what it will mean to embed racial equity within their organization, RRI provides a range of services to support institutions in planning and implementing their racial equity goals. 


Contact Allison Brown ( for a free consultation to discuss your organization's needs and receive a customized proposal for partnership. 

Equity Audits

Engage in a learning process to understand strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots that must be addressed to take on transformational change for racial equity. This includes an audit of how equity is centered within HR, branding/messaging, programmatic components, and other core areas of organizational systems and operations.

On-Call Equity Consultation and Mediation

Have equity consultation, and mediation available to staff or departments looking for support. RRI Consultants are available to review internal tools or products to provide specific feedback on how to integrate equity into the language and approach. RRI also can mediate issues between staff that do not raise to a level of HR action but involve issues of micro aggressions, bias in performance assessments, and other issues affecting equity and inclusion of BIPOC staff.

Executive Level Coaching

Transforming leadership styles in ways that model commitment to racial equity, including tailored guidance on communications, organizational structures, crisis management, and HR policies and procedures.

BIPOC Healing retreats

Facilitate a safe space for BIPOC staff to engage in affinity groups focused on healing practices that address trauma from micro aggressions, imposter syndrome, and being able to bring ones full self to work.

Strategic Planning for Racial Equity

Help institutions create a vision, goals, and strategies for their journey towards becoming an anti-racist institution.

Corporate Healing and Mindfulness Programming

Build shared practices around mindfulness, breathing, and non-judgmental communication to build a culture of empathy, equity, and connection across race and class

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